Basic Server Management

Avrupa Akademik provides professional management of operating systems, including Windows, NetWare, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris.

 24/7 technical support of the server and operating system from experienced engineers
 Monitoring database and network availability
 Monitoring the server’s disk usage, processor usage and load average


Network Device Management Services
Network devices – firewalls, load balancer, routers, switches and hubs – must be properly configured and maintained to ensure network security and reliable operation.
 A network audit to document your topology and addressing scheme
 24/7 technical support of the network devices from experienced engineers
 Security and bug patch notification, and when approved, installation
 Maintaining the security of firewalls

Benefits of Security Management Services
 Identify misconfigured firewalls
 Catch attacks that firewalls legitimately allow through (such as attacks against Web servers)
 Document hacker attempts that fail
 Watch for insider hacking
 Identify users installing unsecured software on their machines
 Recognize unauthorized machines using the network
 See incorrect IP space utilization

Avrupa Akademik offer several support options, including hourly support services,project work,operating system supported,hardware and software packages supports.

Operating systems supported
•Novell NetWare
•Red Hat Linux
Hardware supported
•All open desktop, server, storage, and network systems.
•Dell, ADIC, Storagetech, and HP tape drives and libraries.
•Additional hardware will have to be reviewed on a per-case basis.
Software packages supported
•Microsoft Exchange
•Lotus Notes/Domino
•SUS Messaging Center
•Microsoft SQL server
•Oracle DBS
•Veritas Backup Exec / Net Backup
•Legato Networker
•Site Scope
•Additional packages will have to be reviewed on a per-cases basis.

Avrupa Akademik open courses in networking area for growing the trained personnel in this field.CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Proffesional) and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) are included in these certification courses.

As a result,our consulting areas;
• Virtualization
• Information Technologies
• Infrastructure Improvement and Process Consulting
• IT and Logo Maintenance Agreements
• Onsite and Remote Connectivity Technical Service
• Maintenance Agreements
• Outsource Services
• Linux / Unix Consulting
• Transitions Between Systems (Microsoft, Linux, Transitions)


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